About WWSA

Worldwide Sea & Air Shipping Company offers comprehensive services for your export and freight forwarding needs by utilizing our combined 50 years of experience and our solid relationships with Ocean, Air, or Land carriers. In this challenging economy, we recognize that international markets are becoming more important to US companies. Therefore, our objective is to assist you in reducing paperwork, expediting the movement of your cargo, and lowering your shipping cost. At WWSA, we take pride to be solution oriented by being nimble and malleable toward your specific requirements. We provide request for quote in minutes. We can accommodate oversized cargo, or unusual destinations. If you are an entrepreneur starting a new exporting company, we can help you by providing more personal service to make the process very smooth and easy. This allows you to increase your profitability, market share by reaching new and existing international clients through our services. Individuals can use our services to transport their household items.

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